Rune Factory 4 Bachelors: Doug 

Game Profile: 

"An enthusiastic and easygoing dwarf—Perhaps a little too easygoing, as he often dives into situations before thinking. Always worries about Blossom, which in turn makes her worry about him." 

Some additional information…

  • A pretty cool guy, and like the game profile says, is easygoing. He’s the type to say, “What’s up?” and “Hey!” 
  • A bit rash when it comes to decisions and speaking. ^^;; You could say that he’s blunt. Or cheeky, ha! xD 
  • Amongst the bachelors, he’s known as the sloppy and irresponsible one (lol!). But he’s also known for his dedication to Granny Blossom, his adoptive grandmother and his job.
  • Works at the General Goods store! 
  • Unfortunately, his heart points won’t be able to be raised above 3 until the completion of the second arc (due to plot reasons). Because of this, I got really frustrated and asked another bachelor out instead. xD Doug was initially my first choice… oh well, he shall be conquered in another save file~ ^^ 
  • Even though he’s a dwarf, I don’t think he looks particularly dwarf-like apart from his pointed ears. He doesn’t appear any shorter nor childlike than the others (Kiel takes the latter lol). >o< 
  • He isn’t good at a particular skill/craft (like fishing, forging, farming, etc). He’ll even say that’s he bad at a certain skill on festival days. xD 
  • He thinks with his stomach and has a huge appetite. 
  • LOVES rice dishes. But he has a severe dislike for bread and calls it the “evil spongy vampire of food.” 
  • Worries about Granny Blossom’s health and tries to work hard at the store to help her out. ^^ 
  • In general, he has a lot of backstory, which explains why he appears sometimes after you defeat a dungeon boss… which won’t be spoiled here. Sorry! ^^ (too bad, you’ll have to get the game/play it some more!) 
  • Has a love/hate relationship with Dylas lol xD Sometimes they bicker and fight, and other times they are buddies… 


Tempura Bowl


Rice dishes (he loves loves looooooves them) like Onigiri, Salmon Onigiri, Baked Onigiri, Bamboo Rice, Rice Porridge, etc.


ANY Breads, like Raisin Bread, Toast, Jam Roll, etc., Trash like Weeds, Stone, Branch, Scrap Iron, Withered Grass, Can, etc. and Failed/Disastrous Dishes x’D (who wouldn’t though? I don’t want to eat charcoal-like food!)

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